Vacuum Formed Transit Trays

At Plastic Mouldings Northern Ltd we offer our customers a “Total Solution” to their packaging and material handling needs.

All transit trays are designed to the customer’s individual requirements; we work very closely with them to ensure the design provides exactly what is required.

Some of the criteria we take into consideration include:

  • Specification of the external handling crate
  • Weight of contents and any manual lifting restrictions
  • Method of handling and transport/supply chain needs
  • Durability (single trip or returnable)
  • Maximising the quantity of parts per box or pallet
  • Incorporating design features such as: stacking features or finger grips
  • ESD or VCI considerations

Benefits of Plastic Transit Trays

Plastic transit trays are not only strong, clean, lightweight and cost effective but are an environmentally sound way of storing and transporting component parts. A huge amount of energy is required to create and dispose of single trip wooden and cardboard packaging. Plastic is recyclable and helps you achieve all the requirements of ISO 9002.

Example of Plastic Transit Trays in use

Vacuum Formed Transit Trays for Airbus A380 Parts
A major customer currently produces seating structures for aircraft interiors. They came to us for a safe and reliable packaging solution for transporting component parts to a manufacturing plant in Northern Ireland.

We designed and created a stack and nest tray positioning the parts in vacuum formed trays.

The trays offer protection, preventing movement and are manufactured using materials that do not rub the anodised coatings.

The vacuum formed trays are put straight onto the production line, ready for fitting and the result has been a noticeable reduction in handling time and packaging costs.

To date there has been 0% damage to any components.

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