Moulded Mobile Troughs and Chassis Trucks

 Moulded Mobile Troughs

  • Food grade polyethylene troughs with stainless steel frames.
  • Choice of 10 colours.
  • Available with one piece solid or two piece hinged lids.
  • Drainage plugs optional.

If you cannot find the size you are looking for, please contact us with your specific requirements.

130 Litres – Ref. PMN-FE-RM135FSS


  • External dimensions: 990L x 540W x 390D mm
  • Internal dimensions: 910L x 460W x385D mm
  • Capacity: 130 litres
  • Lid code: PMN-FE-RM135L
  • Frame code: PMN-FE-RM135FSS


180 Litres – Ref. PMN-FE-RM180FSS

  • External dimensions: 965L x 720W x 465D mm
  • Internal dimensions: 875L x 625W x460D mm
  • Capacity: 180 litres
  • Lid code: PMN-FE-RM180L
  • Frame code: PMN-FE-RM180FSS


Chassis Trucks

  • Heavy duty stainless chassis with tough polyethylene tanks.
  • Ideal for movement of heavy products and liquid.
  • Hinged lids available for all sizes.
  • Lid holders can be added to all chassis.
  • Standard zinc plated castors can be upgraded to stainless steel.
  • Can be fitted with drainage bungs or taps.

If you cannot find the size you are looking for, please contact us with your specific requirements.

135 Litres – Ref. PMN-FE-RM30CTSS


  • External dimensions: 800L x 540W x 700H mm
  • Internal dimensions: 552L x 467W x 582H mm
  • Capacity: 135 litres
  • Recommended weight loadings: 250 kg
  • Lid code: PMN-FE-RM30L


200 Litres – Ref. PMN-FE-RM45CT

  • External dimensions: 1000L x 470W x 770H mm
  • Internal dimensions: 760L x 380W x 546H mm
  • Capacity: 200 litres
  • Recommended weight loadings: 350 kg
  • Lid code: PMN-FE-RM45L


320 Litres – Ref. PMN-FE-RM70CTSS


  • External dimensions: 1010L x 685W x 750H mm
  • Internal dimensions: 910L x 584W x595H mm
  • Capacity: 320 litres
  • Recommended weight loadings: 400kg
  • Lid code: PMN-FE-RM70L


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