Ingredient Storage Solutions


  • Moulded in food grade polyethylene.
  • Full labelling facility
  • Choice of clear shatterproof PETG or Stainless stell flip lid.
  • Racks and dispense systems can be designed to suit individual applications.
  • PMN-FE-RM15 I.D and PMN-FE-RM40 I.D designs ensure correct product rotation.
  • Stainless tables can be made to order in other sizes.

If you cannot find the size you are looking for, please contact us with your specific requirements.

8 Litres – Ref. PMN-FE-RM8 I.D.


  • External Dimensions: 400L x 295W x 250H mm
  • Capacity: 8 litres


15 Litres – Ref. PMN-FE-15 I.D.


  • External dimensions: 490L x 250W x 500H mm
  • Capacity: 15 litres


40 Litres – Ref. PMN-FE-RM40 I.D.


  • External dimensions: 630L x 300W x 685H mm
  • Capacity: 40 litres


150 Litres – Ref. PMN-FE-RM35TR

  • External Dimensions: 600L x 555w X 714H mm
  • Internal dimensions: 540L x 480W x 560H mm
  • Capacity: 150 litres



  • Multi trolley – 1 x Stainless steel mobile frame
    with 9 x PMN-RM8 I.D. despensers.
  • External dimensions: 970L x 470W x 1405D mm



  • Multi trolley – 1 x Stainless steel mobile frame
    with 3 x PMN-FE-RM8 I.D. and
    3 x PMN-FE-RM15T dispensers.
  • External dimensions:
    1140L x 600W x 1406D mm



  • Multi trolley – 1 x Stainless stell mobile frame
    with 3 x PMN-FE-RM15T dispensers.
  • External dimensions: 1075L x 600W x 680D mm


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